Staged to Sell

FRENT selectively picks home staging projects from realtors and property owners.

Check out one of our recent home staging projects below.

Pricing for Home Staging: 

We offer home staging for a flat fixed monthly fees. Our fees are based on the the type of unit and the number of rooms. 

Each room is staged at $199 (+ GST) per month. 


 Studio Apartment  $199 per month

 1 Bedroom

 (Living Room + Bedroom)

$398 per month

 2 Bedroom 

 (Living Room + Bedroom 1 + Bedroom 2)

$597 per month

 3 Bedroom 

 (Living Room + Bedroom 1 + Bedroom 2 + Bedroom 3)

$796 per month

 *The prices mentioned above doesn't the GST charges.   

We ideally want to stage homes for 3 months for more. The subscriptions can be renewed on a monthly basis following that. 

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