About Us

Our Belief - Moving to a new place should be a wonderful experience.

Our Motto - Invest less, live more!

Our Mission - Provide Hassle-Free transitions to peoples' live! 

FRENT was started in the year 2017 by the international students of MBA program at the University of Alberta.

What started as a school project, soon translated into a corporation. FRENT attributes its initial success to the faculty members at school of business, eHUB - the entrepreneurship centre and the Edmonton's start up ecosystem. 

FRENT believes that moving to a new place should be a wonderful experience. However, in reality moving-in and out can be a daunting and time taking task, especially in a new city!

A new way to furnish your home. The FRENT way! 

  • Rent stylish furniture at an affordable cost 
  • Pay as You Go 
  • Pay For What You Use

FRENT provides hassle-free offers lives by offering affordable, stylish, and customized furniture for rent on flexible monthly subscription plans. Our services include - Delivery, Installation, Maintenance and Pick up a the end.




Get involved in our Renting Revolution.

Shoot us an email at help@furniturerent.ca