Our Story

While moving from India, founder Manish Jha tried to auction off his recently bought furniture and hardly got any returns. Loss of time and energy came along with this process. After moving to Canada, furnishing the apartment was another obstacle, as history would repeat itself if he planned to move out anytime soon. Costs associated with buying & assembling furniture were also high. It is then he realized that creating an efficient furniture rental platform was the need of the hour. Thus, idea of FRENT was born in 2017. 

FRENT is a simple online monthly subscription-based rental service that would allow you to furnish your home without going through buying and selling furniture troubles Manish had to face. 

Belief - Transition to a new place (Edmonton) should be a wonderful experience.

Motto - Invest less, live more!

Mission - Offer you a flexible and a carefree lifestyle.

Since we started, FRENT has furnished 21 homes. 

We are proudly based out of Edmonton, Canada.