Why should I rent furniture? Renting vs Buying

If you are considering moving to a new home, the hassle, time and money waste with purchasing furniture can be challenging.

Although, at first sight, you may think that the furniture you buy might not be expensive, however, furnishing the entire home can be a daunting task: time to pick furniture, buy it, have it delivered, assembled and at the end move out sale (through kijiji) can be frustrating.


Renting your furniture allows you to live in a beautifully furnished space, without going through these hassles with the same sense of ownership. Moreover, you save of a huge initial cost as you pay-on-the-go. A smart way indeed!

FRENT, offers one of the most affordable, flexible and a smart way to own furniture. Whether you are a student, or a professional looking for short-term furniture rentals, you can choose your furniture as per your needs and be flexible on your stay. In the end, if you like the furniture, you can own it!


Why should I rent Furniture