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Sharing economy

A system where access to service and goods is shared rather than owned. This system has been operating for decades and is constantly evolving with technology. Running a bed-and-breakfast, participating in a carpool, owning a timeshare are some of the classic examples of businesses built on a Sharing economy principle.

Rent, Don't Buy

The rise in the Sharing Economy

The Nuts and Bolts today are controlled by Bits and Bytes.

Before the internet, renting a furniture product/parking space/house from someone else was feasible but involved a lot of trouble and effort than it was worth. However, technology has made it simpler, quicker, convenient, and cheaper to apply principles of Shared Economy. We are all witnessing the power and success of this model. The premium example of sharing economy is Car rentals, Uber, and Airbnb - something we use on an everyday basis.

Shared economy furniture and appliance rentals are one of the best trends recently. It allows people to rent usual household items such as furniture, appliances rather than owning them (with the same sense of ownership). Technology has enabled the entire process to faster and convenient.

The idea of ownership has been superseded by the desire to gain better experiences by sharing resources. Increasingly, people are turning to rent everything from property to clothes. It gives you access to various utilitarian products, without the burden of buying and later worrying about its maintenance.

Benefits of Sharing Economy/Renting

  • Pocket-friendly
Avoid huge upfront costs when you are on a budget. In the short term, the low rentals would be a better deal than large payouts for each product. Rental furniture is a smart, low-cost option.
    • Environment-friendly
    Waste less - Create extended value of a product
    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 9.7 million tons of furnishings end up in landfills.
    Renting creates less waste and recycles materials that already exist. Furniture rental reduces demand for raw materials like wood, which can be destructive to natural habitats & foam, an artificial product that is not biodegradable and requires chemicals in its manufacture. Renting also saves usable furniture from landfills; when you get tired of it, rental furniture can be processed and rented again.
      • Saves Time
      Reusing your home furnishing saves you money and gets the job done in less time. Think of all the time you spent shopping mindlessly ending up not finding anything, only to return the next day. While you are at it, think of the money you spent on that fast food joint eating unhealthily. Through online renting, you can save all that time and money by spending it on things that matter - FAMILY.
        • Maintenance-free

        For furniture you own, the upkeep is your responsibility. Whereas, if you rent, the service provider (FRENT) takes care of the maintenance.

          • Relocation-friendly
          If you keep moving from one place to another, you will have to take the products you own along with you every time. It is both expensive and inconvenient.
          You can upgrade your furniture and appliances or swap out a few items to change the look of your home anytime.
            • Rent-to-own

            That is the safest bet. Anytime during the subscription period, you feel confident about the products, you can own it. Your previous payments will be adjusted towards the cost of furniture. At the end of your subscription period, you can own it at No Extra Cost!

            The sharing economy is here to stay because we cannot use and throw everything anymore. Renting also helps you get high-end products that you cannot or do not wish to buy. Minimize your carbon footprints by renting products, thus helping a great deal in saving the environment.

            As they say, the current world lives and breathes on Instagram. So we are enabling you to change/upgrade/swap products to make your house “Insta-worthy”.


            The more we value things, the less we value ourselves.
            It is time to start caring about sharing.
            Happy Renting!