FRENT - Stop Buying. Start FRENTing.

Why Rent Furniture?

Imagine spending hours in a furniture shop, followed by the delivery, assembly, maintenance, and most importantly the pain when you plan to move to another place! The numerous ads you have to place to sell your used furniture at dirt cheap price, while you are busy packing your stuff for a new journey. Sounds familiar, isn't it?

Interested to know more? Follow this link (International Furniture Rental Association)

What if we say you will never have to worry about all these again!

What if someone does all of it, while you enjoy your beer/coffee. Here's FRENT- First ever online furniture rental store in Edmonton, caring for your needs and offering you a carefree life while moving to Edmonton. We understand that moving to a new place can be taxing, so we offer you the most pocket-friendly rates (you pay us on a monthly-subscription basis), cheaper than any other store in Edmonton, Alberta. 

As a student, you don't have to spend $1000 CAD right on day 1 to buy furniture, instead, you can rent the same products online for as low as $60 CAD per month. Wow, that's your mobile/ internet bill!! Isn't it a cool deal. :)

Check out our basic package specially designed for students.

Convinced? Not Yet? No Problem!

How many times have you experienced this on Day 1 of relocation due to lack of time for furniture shopping or options?




Or maybe experienced this due to insanely expensive delivery/assembly price? Relatable is it?


FRENT is here to change this by bringing the Digitized Rental Revolution. First ever Online Furniture Rental Store in Edmonton, Alberta offering you the end-to-end services to set up your new home, while you pay on a monthly basis.  

What do we do

  • Deliver brand new furniture to your doorstep
  • Assemble and make it ready to use for FREE
  • Cover any repairs and maintenance
  • Offer upgrades if you need it later for no extra charge
  • At the end, pick up service when you plan to move out

What you need to do

  • Go online, choose products that best suits your requirement
  • Confirm your order and pay online, on a monthly basis, just as you pay for your mobile/internet bill
Read more at How it Works.

    Why only rent an apartment or car? Why only get your cab or food online? Why not get the most energy and time-consuming entity called furniture online?  

    At FRENT, we believe moving to a new place should be a wonderful experience. So, we aim to provide you with a hassle-free transition into your new life in Edmonton. 
    Relocation gives an opportunity to explore a new place. Rather you end up spending your valuable time and money on furniture shopping. It can drain all your excitement and be taxing at the same time. We are here to change that by offering multiple options to help you build your dream home from anyplace, anytime through our online rental service. Read our story here.
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    Own Experiences, NOT Things!