Questions about renting furniture?

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Lease terms & conditions

What happens when the lease is over?

What happens if I want to cancel before minimum duration period?

What happens if I want to extend the lease?

Is there a lease agreement?

Why do I need to pay deposit ?

Delivery & Assembly

What is the cost of Delivery and Assembly

How much time does it take to get the furniture delivered?

What is the geographical limit for FRENT delivery ?

What is the minimum time duration for delivery?

What happens if I want to add something to the order in later period?

Does the customer need to be there for delivery ?

What happens if I don’t like the items or changed my decision ?

What if the furniture doesn't fit up the stairs/through the door upon delivery?

Furniture Pick-up (End of Lease)

Will I be charged for pick-up?

Can I buy the furniture at the end of the lease?

How many days before do I need to inform you for furniture pickup after end of lease ?

What if the pickup date isn't the same day of the month as my delivery ?